Orillia Kiwanis Music Festival 2018

The Orillia Kiwanis Music Festival is pleased to announce that a scholarship-bursary will be awarded to a participant in the 2015 Music Festival. The aim of this scholarship-bursary is to provide significant financial support to a Music Festival participant who will be studying music as a full-time student at a post-secondary institution.

The applicant must be planning to attend - or be currently enrolled in a post secondary institution (university, college, or recognized conservatory or school of music) as a full-time student in the calendar year of the current Music Festival.

The applicant must participate in one or more disciplines of the current year’s Music Festival. The following outlines the minimum number of classes that must be entered according to the participant’s major discipline:

Senior Piano - 3 or more classes
Vocal - 3 or more classes
Strings - 2 or more classes
Brass and Percussion - 2 or more classes
Woodwinds - 2 or more classes
Only amateur musicians may apply. (See rule 2.1 under ‘Official Rules and Regulations’ in the current Festival Syllabus for a definition of ‘amateur’ in the field of music.)

The successful applicant will be selected by the Orillia Music Festival Committees.

The successful applicant will be contacted by telephone within three weeks of the last day of the Orillia Music Festival.
A cheque for a minimum of $500.00 will be presented no later than June 30 of the current Festival year. Proof of acceptance as a student at the post-secondary institution indicated on the application form may be required if the successful applicant is entering his/her first year at the institution.

Evaluation Of Applicants
Orillia Music Festival participants who are interested in applying must complete the following application form in detail and mail it to the following address by March 30th of the current Festival year:

Orillia Kiwanis Music Festival


P.O. Box 2412

Orillia, Ontario L3V 7A3


 Application FormDownload as a PDF Document 

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