Orillia Kiwanis Music Festival 2018

The Orillia Kiwanis Music Festival is grateful to the Orillia and area OKMF supporters who have generously donated to the OKMF Grant Fund to give encouragement and tangible financial support to children and youth in Orillia and area. This fund has been established with the specific goal of offering financial assistance for OKMF participants who have limited family or personal resources to cover the costs of music instruction with a private music teacher or music school/organization.

To be considered for an OKMF grant, applicants 12 years and under must be entered in at least two classes in the current OKMF. Applicants 13 and over must be entered in at least three classes in the current OKMF. All grant applications must be accompanied by a reference letter from a private or school music instructor. Please note that grant funding will be paid in the form of a cheque which will be made out to the private teacher of the successful student applicant or to a music school or music organization.

All grant applications will be reviewed and assessed by a non-partisan sub-committee of the OKMF administrative committee and the OKMF participants selected to receive grant funding will be chosen in conjunction with the adjudicators' recommendations.

The deadline for all OKMF Grant Applications is March 30th of the calendar year of the upcoming Orillia Kiwanis Music Festival.

Application Form: Download as a PDF Document

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