Orillia Kiwanis Music Festival 2018

1. Management

1.1   The Festival shall be known as the “Orillia Kiwanis Music Festival” and shall be under the management of the Music Festival Administrative Committee.

1.2      All music classes herein are chosen under the jurisdiction of the Orillia Music Teachers' Association.

1.3      All matters not dealt with in these rules shall be referred to the Festival Committee in writing. The decisions of the Festival Committee on such matters shall be final and binding to all concerned.

2. Eligibility

2.1     All classes shall be open to amateurs only unless otherwise stated. An amateur shall be defined as follows: "Any person whose principal means of livelihood is not obtained from the profession or practice of music or speech arts even if they, from time to time, accept remuneration for their services."

2.2     Participants must reside in the City of Orillia or the Townships of Severn, Oro-Medonte, Rama or Ramara.

2.3     For classes where age limits are specified, participants must be of the prescribed age on the 1st day of January in the year of the Festival to be entered. All participants must state their ages on the entry form.

2.4     Participants may enter as many classes as they wish with the following provisions:

  • For graded classes, "Own Choice" pieces are to be performed at the current level of study or a maximum of two pieces at one higher grade level.

3. Test Pieces

3.1     Use of music for any class is optional, but the adjudicator is advised to deduct five marks for pieces not memorized, unless memorization is indicated as non-compulsory in the preamble, or class heading.

3.2   For "Own Choice" selections, repeats of short sections may be observed as long as time limits are met. 'Da Capo' and 'Dal Segno' passages are not considered repeats and shall be observed.

3.3     Responsibility for appropriate selection of music in any "Own Choice" class rests with the participant and teacher. Contact the Division Coordinator of your division or the Artistic Director for clarification if necessary.

3.4     In all classes in which the "Test Piece" is to be the participant's "Own Choice", the selection chosen must not be a work for which the participant has received a Gold standing at any previous Orillia Kiwanis Music Festival.

3.5     Each participant's "Own Choice" piece must be handed to the session secretary at the start of the class for use by the adjudicator. Failure to do so may disqualify the participant at the adjudicator's discretion.

3.6     According to federal Copyright Law, it is illegal to copy documents which are copyrighted without first obtaining permission from the copyright owner. No photocopies will be accepted by the Festival session secretaries, unless there is accompanying documentation indicating permission to photocopy was granted by the copyright holder.

3.7     Music that has been downloaded from the Internet must indicate that it has been legally downloaded.

4. Entries And Entry Fees

4.1     All entries must be on the official entry form which must be filled in completely with all details, accompanied by the entry fee, and submitted by the closing date in a sealed envelope. Payment must be made by cheque or money order: cash will not be accepted. The conductor or other qualified official of a choral group, orchestra, band or ensemble may sign the form on behalf of the organization.

4.2     The deadline for entries is indicated in the preamble for each division. Entries received or postmarked after this date will not be accepted.

4.3     Entry fees cannot be refunded except when the entry is rejected by the Festival Committee. The Festival Committee reserves the right to reject any entry for any reason at its discretion.

4.4   Any entry may be designated as adjudication only (i.e. no mark or standing will be given by the adjudicator).  Please the appropriate box on the entry form. 

4.5    If participants have not been notified of the scheduled time of their classes by one week prior to the opening date of the Festival, they should contact the Festival Secretary-Registrar immediately.

5. Programme Procedures

5.1     The Festival Committee may combine, or subdivide any classes listed in the Official Syllabus for the purpose of awarding standings and prizes, if the number of entries requires such actions.

5.2     The Festival Executive cannot guarantee that the class times that have been assigned to participants can be changed to accommodate conflicts.

5.3     The adjudicator reserves the right to disqualify any participant who is not ready to perform when called. Classes will not be delayed to accommodate latecomers.

5.4     No person is permitted to enter into any discussion or correspondence with the adjudicator regarding any material to be presented or performed at the local Festival. All dealings with the adjudicators must be handled through the Adjudicator Liaison or the session secretaries.

5.5     Participants must arrange for their own music stands and accompanists. Contact the Artistic Director if names of potential accompanists are required.

5.6     A chord may be given on the piano at the commencement of each piece of unaccompanied music.

5.7     Participants will not be allowed to rehearse in any Festival location at any time during the Festival. All efforts will be made to provide "warm-up" rooms for the vocal, strings, brass & woodwinds and drama divisions.

5.8     Participants must not commence until the signal is given by the adjudicator. Adjudicators may hear all, or part, of any selection at their discretion.

5.9     Participants will be expected to announce the title and composer of their “own choice” selection before performing.

5.10  In the event of an incomplete performance, a mark may or may not be awarded at the adjudicator's discretion. It is the adjudicator's privilege to help participants complete their performance.

5.11  Page turners will not be allowed to assist participants unless this is specified under the class heading in the syllabus. Accompanists may be assisted by a page turner at their discretion.

5.12  The use of any type of cameras, video cameras (including camcorders) or any recording equipment is prohibited during the Festival classes and adjudications at any of the Festival locations.

5.13  No promotional material for a business or teaching operation, be it of a music-related or any other nature, is to be displayed at any Festival venue or waiting area outside a Festival venue unless it has been approved and/or sanctioned by the Music Festival Committee.

6. Awards And Trophies

6.1     All single participants or participating groups will receive a comment sheet and a mark from the adjudicator for each class unless otherwise indicated under the class heading or in the information preamble for that discipline in the syllabus.

6.2     In all instrumental, vocal, drama, choral, and school divisions, a certificate will be presented to each single participant or participating group. Unless otherwise indicated under the class heading in the syllabus, standings will be indicated on the certificates according to the following scale of marks:
GOLD - a mark of 85 or higher
SILVER - a mark of 80 to 84
BRONZE - a mark of 75 to 79
PARTICIPANT- mark of 74 or lower
The certificates are presented to the participants immediately following the oral adjudication of the class or group of classes. There can be several of the same standings awarded in each class according to the marks assigned by the adjudicator.

6.3     A trophy will be awarded to the single participant or participating group with the highest mark in each of the main categories or sections outlined in the syllabus for each division at the adjudicator's discretion. These trophies are presented at the "Stars of the Festival" concert in May.

7. Final Concert

7.1     The adjudicators are asked to recommend participants in each discipline to perform at the "Stars of the Festival" concert which is held no later than one month after the final day of regular Festival classes.

7.2     Participants selected to perform in the “Stars of the Festival” concert will be contacted at least one week prior to the concert date.

8. Provincial And National Competitions

8.1     Adjudicators may recommend participants to represent the Orillia Festival at the Ontario Provincial Music Festival in the brass, woodwinds, piano, string instruments, vocal, choral, instrumental large ensembles, school vocal, and speech arts divisions.

8.2     For information regarding the Ontario Provincial Music and Speech Arts Competitions and the National Music Festival, please check the Ontario Music Festivals Association website: www.omfa.info.

9. Feedback

9.1     Any complaints or protests must be made in writing during the Festival events to the Festival Administrative Committee, and NOT to the adjudicators.

9.2     The adjudicators' decisions are final.

9.3     Any input or suggestions regarding the Festival should be put in writing and submitted to the Festival Committee c/o PO Box 2412 Orillia, Ontario L3V 7A3.

Failure to comply with any of the above Rules and Regulations may render the participant liable to disqualification.

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