Orillia Kiwanis Music Festival 2018

The Creative Music classes for all instruments and voice are offered as a separate division.

Date:Saturday April 28th, 2018
Venue: St. Paul’s Centre, Banquet Hall
Adjudicator: To be determined
Division contact: Blair Bailey (705) 326-7548

Please read over the following information:

  • Each participant in the Creative Music classes will be asked to submit his/her own original composition either for a solo instrument/voice or any combination of instruments up to a maximum of 20 performers.
  • The participant must bring either a hand- written copy or computer-generated print-out of the composition which must be signed by the student participant.
  • If the composition is for a solo instrument, the performer, if someone other than the composer, must be no more than two years older than the age of the composer (with the exception of the ’19 years of age and over’ class).
  • If the composition is for an ensemble and the composer is not performing in the ensemble, at least one of the performers must be no more than two years older than the age of the composer (with the exception of the ’19 years of age and older’ class).
  • The performers are not required to perform from memory and no marks will be deducted if the music is used.
  • The student composer of the composition must be present and introduce the piece before it is performed.
  • In the adjudicator’s assessment, emphasis will be on the creativity of the composition, but some consideration will also be given to the accuracy of the notation of the score.
  • The ‘Early-Bird’ deadline for entries in this class is January 31st.
  • The final deadline for entries in this Division is February 15th.
  • Participants entering a class where an age is specified must be no older than the prescribed age on the first day of January in the current year of the Festival.
Creative Music Classes
Class   Early FeeFee
CR-a 6 years and under $16 $19
CR-b 8 years and under $16 $19
CR-c 10 years and under $16 $19
CR-d 12 years and under $16 $19
CR-e 14 years and under $17 $20
CR-f 16 years and under $17 $20
CR-g 18 years and under $18 $21
CR-h 19 years and over $19 $22
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