Orillia Kiwanis Music Festival 2018

The tentative schedule for the 2018 Festival is as follows:

Dates: Week of Tuesday, April 23rd, 2018
Venue:St. Paul’s Centre, Sanctuary
Adjudicator: To be determined
Division contact:Blair Bailey (705-326-7548)

Please be sure to read all the rules and regulations. Also note the following:

  • The ‘Early-Bird’ deadline is January 15th.
    The final deadline for entries in this division is January 31st.
  • The pieces do not need to be performed by memory but a copy of the score must be given to the adjudicator via the adjudicator liaison or session secretary at the start of each class.
  • A maximum of two assistants are permitted to assist with the turning of pages and the drawing of stops.
  • Participants are asked to be prepared to announce the title and composer of their selected pieces.
  • If possible, please list the title and composer on the entry form.
  • To make arrangements for practice time on the St. Paul’s 3-manual Casavant pipe organ prior to the scheduled class, please contact the Division Co-ordinator above.
  • Students with special needs are welcome to participate in these Festival classes. Teachers/Supervisors are encouraged to indicate on the entry form if the Participant has a special need. For more information, contact the Division Contact Person listed above.

By federal law, photocopying of music is illegal. Photocopies of copyrighted music will not be accepted by the session secretaries.

Music that has been downloaded from the Internet must indicate that it has been legally downloaded.

The Test Piece in all of the following classes will be the participant’s “Own Choice” unless otherwise indicated.

Conservatory Repertoire
Each participant in these classes is to perform an “Own Choice” piece from the designated list of the current Royal Conservatory or Canada Conservatory Pipe Organ syllabus at the appropriate grade level.

Organ Solo - List A
Class   Early FeeFee
ORC-7A Grade 7 $16 $19
ORC-8A Grade 8 $16 $19
ORC-9A Grade 9 $16 $19
ORC-1A Grade 10 $17 $20
ORC-0A Associate Level $18 $22


Organ Solo - List B
Class   Early FeeFee
ORC-7B Grade 7 $16 $19
ORC-8B Grade 8 $17 $19
ORC-9B Grade 9 $17 $19
ORC-1B Grade 10 $17 $20
ORC-0B Associate Level $18 $22


Organ Solo - List C
Class   Early FeeFee
ORC-7C Grade 7 $16 $19
ORC-8C Grade 8 $16 $19
ORC-9C Grade 9 $16 $19
ORC-1C Grade 10 $17 $20
ORC-0C Associate Level $18 $22


Organ Solo - List D
Class   Early FeeFee
ORC-7D Grade 7 $16 $19
ORC-8D Grade 8 $16 $19
ORC-9D Grade 9 $16 $19
ORC-1D Grade 10 $17 $20
ORC-0D Associate Level $18 $22


Organ Solo - List E9
Class   Early FeeFee
ORC-1E Grade 10 $17 $20
ORC-0E Associate Level $18 $22


Non-Conservatory Repertoire
Each participant in these classes is to perform an “own choice” selection which is not required to be from a music conservatory syllabus. Transcriptions will be permitted only if the selection has been transcribed specifically for pipe organ.

Class   Early FeeFee
ORN-a Organ Solo - Beginner Level
The selection should be at approximately
grade 7 or 8 level
$15 $18
ORN-b Organ Solo - Intermediate Level
The selection should be at approximately
grade 9 or 10 level
$16 $19
ORN-c Organ Solo - Advanced Level
The selection should be at approximately
Associate or higher level
$17 $20
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